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14 September
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My name is Justice, and I'm from the Midwest. Oh, joy. No, it's okay. In many ways, Indiana could be worse. Of course, Indiana could also be Manhattan, which would make it perfect. Except for the Mayor Bloomburg. Oh, I miss Guilliani.
I'm a junior in high school, and mostly my so-called life revolves around drama and music. And my cousins. I babysit a lot, in fact, I'm in Texas right now babysitting my cousin Hunter. He's so cute.
I love musical theatre; in fact, it was my dream to eventuallay be on Broadway. However, I don't know anymore. I'm being called to ministry, and I'm just now feeling somewhat able to accept that. Not that I would want to turn my children into PK's (no offense, Megan). I'm a belter/soprano, a classically trained violinist, I play piano pretty well and I compose music. Or, attempt to compose music.
Phantom of the Opera is my favorite musical. I adore Michael Crawford and pretty much all British men. I also have somewhat of a Harry Potter fetish. Just call me Luna. And if she kills Remus, that's the end! (oda) fin.